What to have at Li’s if you’re on a diet?

Summer is on its way and many of us would start to diet and hit the gym more regularly. In order to get lean or lose weight quickly, it’s not just about working out for hours, it also depends on what you eat.  When you’re on a diet you should avoid any greasy/fatty food like deep fried dishes, replace refined carbs with complex carbs, opt for white meat- chicken- and avoid red meat- beef, lamb & pork- and increase your protein and fibre intake.

Refined carbs are food which have been processed by machinery that strips the bran and germ from the whole grain. This process removes all the nutrients which is not what we want. White rice is an example so you want to replace that with brown rice. Unfortunately, Li’s don’t do brown rice but I can recommend rice noodles(also known as vermicelli) to you. Rice noodles are made from mung beans and water which is high in protein- all types of beans are high in protein.

Food you can have from Li’s menu:

  • All vegetable dishes
  • Rice noodles/vermicelli dishes
  • Soups
  • Stir Fried dishes; chicken, vegetarian meat, prawn, squid, mussel and scallop.
  • Fu Yung/ Omelette

Food to avoid:

  • Fried Rice or steamed rice & egg noodles/ chow mein- high in carbs and are refined carbs.
  • Deep fried dishes & Battered dishes
  • Curry dishes

A suggested meal (1 person):

Chicken and sweet corn soup or other soup

Main Course
Plain Singapore Rice Noodles with; Stir fried Chicken & Mushroom, Stir Fried Broccoli with oyster sauce.

I’m afraid you have to cut this out as all our desserts are deep fried.

If you really want some prawn crackers, 3-4 crackers won’t hurt but no more! Also, avoid those extra sauces; sweet & sour, curry, BBQ, satay and hoi sin sauce, these sauces contains quite a lot of oil and are high in sugar.

If you want more suggestions, just pop in or give us a call any time after 5pm, 01920 462 404.